South Africans are waiting to see if its bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup is successful.  The country was named World Rugby’s preferred candidate after a rigorous and hotly-contested evaluation process. Other bidding nations, France and Ireland have since challenged the result. After South Africa was named as World Rugby’s preferred candidate to host the World Cup in 2023, Ireland and France attacked the bidding scorecard. However, French rugby chief Bernard Laporte wrote to World Rugby, saying that he was not impressed that South Africa and France scored the same for security, citing South Africa’s high murder rate and also taking exception to France’s hospitality industry scoring lower. Ireland Rugby’s Chief Executive Philip Browne questioned South Africa’s ability to fill stadiums, handle security and he cited the nation’s failed bid to host the Commonwealth Games. Ballots will be cast today, and the winner is set to be announced at 3pm local time.

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